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Business Services

  • Business centre - slider - seed hub expertise
    Conserving the UK's native plants Kew's specialist advice service supports those interested in the conservation and use of UK native plants
  • Business centre - slider - seed hub expertise
    Science and horticulture consultancy Kew can provide a wide range of consultancy services to help your business or organisation
  • Business centre - slider - product development
    Licensing Kew's experts can assist your organisation in the development of sustainably-sourced plant-based products

We provide consultancy, support and information on matters from plant identification and conservation to image and product licensing.

Business and Innovation Centre

Access Kew's world-leading knowledge through our consultancy, horticultural and scientific services.

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Image licensing

We have a vast library of photographs and illustrations which are available for use across various media. In most instances, images are supported by family, genus, species and common names. Visit our image licensing library to find the picture you need.

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UK Native Seed Hub

UK Native Seed Hub aims to increase the quality, quantity and diversity of native plants and seeds available for conservation and habitat restoration.

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