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Natural Product Discovery

Kew’s scientists have expertise in the chemistry of plants and fungi.

Product development

Kew can act as an independent expert reviewer on the science behind a product, or we can participate in product development bringing our knowledge of plant properties and identification. These products range from over-the-counter medicines to perfumes, from sweeteners to toothpastes.

When Kew plays a key role in the scientific development of a product there is also the potential to link with Kew’s high brand value.

Our work includes:

  • identification of compounds
  • evaluation of the activitity of compounds
  • new sources of known compounds
  • reviews of the distribution of compounds
  • evaluating the traditional uses of plants
  • drug development
  • medicinal plant research
  • pesticical plants


Kew’s Product Development contact is Professor Monique Simmonds.

Tel: 020 8332 5328/3747