Autumn at Kew

In the Gardens

Kew’s expert teams bring you updates from around the gardens and behind the scenes as they go about their work maintaining the living collections and historic buildings or creating seasonal events within Kew’s ever-changing landscape.
Bulb planter - Allium 'Mont Blanc' bulbs
21st February 2017

Broad Walk: 13,000 bulbs and counting

In the third of a series of Broad Walk updates, the team discuss the winter work undertaken on the Borders in preparations for spring. 

Aerides multiflora in the wild, Uttarakhand. (Photo: Bala Kompalli).
21st February 2017

India - an orchid paradise, if you know where to look...

André Schuiteman, Research Leader in the Identification and Naming Department at Kew, explains why India is rich in orchid species...but why they are not always easy to find.

The large frilled white blooms of Coelogyne cristata have a golden yellow throat (Image: L. Gardiner).
21st February 2017

Orchid treasures of the Sikkim Himalayas

Lauren Gardiner, Research Fellow in Conservation Science at Kew, reveals some of the intriguing orchids that can be found in the remote Indian state of Sikkim.

Vanda 'Pakchong Blue' (Image: CC by S-A 3.0).
21st February 2017

Vanda-ful vandas

Lauren Gardiner, Research Fellow in Conservation Science at Kew, treats us to a glimpse of these incredibly diverse Asian orchids.

The Verdun Bench at Kew Gardens
22nd December 2016

The Verdun Bench

We tell the story of how an oak tree with a poignant history lives on in Kew Gardens. 

Echinacea 'White-Swan'
20th December 2016

Broad Walk Borders – who's been visiting

In the second of a series of Broad Walk updates, the team reveals the variety of summer visitors to the borders, some more welcome than others.

The Great Broad Walk Borders at Kew
12th December 2016

Broad Walk Borders: the year so far

In the first of a series of updates, the Broad Walk team review the busy summer months when they prepared for the official opening of the Borders.

Preparing the Broadwalk Borders for planting
18th April 2016

Bloom with a view

Kew horticulturists Lucy Bell and Maija Ross explain why the Broad Walk team have been impersonating penguins and spray-painting the soil.
Rosa 'Bonica' in the Rose Garden at Kew
23rd March 2016

Promise of a rose garden

Kew horticulturist David Mann gives us a seasonal update and reveals the work underway to extend the Rose Garden.
Theobroma cacao
18th March 2016

Caring for Kew's chocolate trees

Cacao tree is native to South America, and is not easy to grow in Britain. Find out how Kew horticulturist Nick Johnson has been involved in growing specimens at Kew, and how three new cacao trees are flourishing in the Princess of Wales Conservatory.
The Broad Walk Borders in the process of a comprehensive redesign
2nd March 2016

Broad Walk beauties bedded in

Kew horticulturists Maija Ross & Lucy Bell reveal the magic of mulch as they report on progress in the work undertaken by the Broad Walk team.
The Grass Garden at Kew
23rd February 2016

Grass Garden’s annual trim

Every year, we cut the beautiful grasses down as spring approaches – but why? Find out why the whole of the Gardens outdoor team are needed for this annual ‘haircut’.
Amorphophallus titanum
30th April 2014

Amazing Amorphophallus

Second year apprentice, Scarlett English writes about the genus Amorphophallus and a new display in the Princess of Wales Conservatory.
Carnivorous plant at Kew
20th February 2014

Carnivorous plants at Kew

Kew's Tropical Nursery hosts a varied collection of different carnivorous plants from across the world, as Thomas Pickering explains.
14th February 2014

Bringing orchids from Cambodia

In the third of this series about his orchid hunting trip to Cambodia, Nursery and Orchid Collection Manager, Christopher Ryan, describes bringing the orchids back to Kew.
Image of an orchid
7th February 2014

Orchid hunting in Cambodia

Nursery and Orchid Collection Manager, Christopher Ryan, reports on a recent orchid hunting trip to Cambodia.
Orchids growing in the wild
31st January 2014

Biodiversity and conservation of orchids: the importance of Kew’s fieldwork

Orchid researcher André Schuiteman describes the challenges facing orchids in the wild and what Kew is doing to help them.
Flowers from the mallow family
10th December 2013

Exotic blooms for winter gloom

Jack Clutterbuck describes flowers of the mallow family, known botanically as Malvaceae, which grow in the Tropical Nursery at Kew.
Wollemi pine with seeds
7th August 2013

UK's first Wollemi pines from seed

In 2011 seed I collected from Wollemi pines growing at Kew were germinated in our Arboretum nursery, producing dozens of seedlings. Now, two years, on we have lots of new young plants to add to our collections.
Close up of a palm leaf
14th March 2013

Monstrous deliciousness and devilish fruit - Kew's edible aroids

Not many people have heard of edible aroids yet they are among the oldest cultivated crops in the world. Tropical Nursery horticulturalist Louisa Hall introduces some of these exotic species.