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Press photography

Non-commercial photography that benefits Kew Gardens - eg by publicising its scientific work, its festivals, or its status as a visitor attraction - is handled free of charge by the Press Office.

The following guidelines outline the service provided by the Press Office and what is required from applicants in return:

rose gardden.jpg

Ordered gardens and rose archway at Kew Gardens
The Rose Pergola and Plant Family Beds
  • detailed itinerary must be submitted before any photography in the Gardens is agreed. Location, plant or interview specifics and an accurate estimate of timing must be included. This allows us to arrange access to the required areas and make sure that everything is in place.
  • Due to the size and diversity of the site, and volume of information that can be found at Kew, we strongly recommend that you do a pre-filming recce before submitting your itinerary.
  • location release must be signed by us at the stage of a recce. A copy of your insurance agreement must also be supplied
  • Once your proposal has been accepted by the Press Office it must be adhered to. Additional time may be offered at our discretion but please bear in mind that we receive numerous ad hoc photography requests throughout the year.
  • On the agreed day please arrive at Cambridge Cottage Offices, 37 Kew Green and ring the marketing bell unless otherwise agreed.
  • No vehicles are allowed into the Gardens. We therefore advise that you bring a trolley to transport your equipment around the Gardens.
  • It is Kew’s policy that press photographers are accompanied at all times while in the Gardens. Your filming is dependent upon staff being available.
  • It is your responsibility to supply personal/parental release forms and obtain signatures prior to photography. If prior consent is not gained in the form of a signed document, no photography will be possible.
  • Kew is a major visitor attraction and our visitors expect a quiet and peaceful environment. We ask that you respect this and discourage interaction with the public. It is essential that you consult us if you intend to interact with the public and - if we give prior agreement - that personal/parental permission is gained.
  • Please note that no press photography is permitted at weekends or after the Gardens/Glasshouses close. You will need to check these timings as they vary seasonally.

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