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Proposed development of Brentford Community Stadium

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew is taking a close interest in Brentford Football Club’s proposed move to the Lionel Road site to build a new 20,000 seat stadium. We recognise the potential for significant economic development and enhancement of Brentford, and associated social benefits, and we are supportive of these potential outcomes. However, a large stadium close to Kew Bridge with associated commercial and residential buildings poses significant and potentially negative impacts on the area, including negative visual impacts and transportation and traffic issues.

Some recent developments in Brentford have had a negative impact on Kew Gardens. We are concerned to see that future developments in Brentford respect, and if possible enhance, the setting of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew World Heritage Site.

The planning application now before the London Borough of Hounslow includes an outline planning application for ‘enabling residential development’ consisting of 910 flats in buildings of up to 18 stories in three clusters surrounding the stadium.

This proposal has been considered by Kew staff and by members of the World Heritage Site Steering Group, including representation from ICOMOS and English Heritage. We are concerned about the proposed height of the residential units and the negative visual impact on Kew Green, which is a conservation area and part of the World Heritage Site buffer zone.

We are also taking an interest in proposals for transportation and traffic management associated with the stadium, given the increased use of Kew Bridge Station on match days and additional demand for car parking spaces on the south side of the river.

We will be responding to London Borough of Hounslow setting out our views on the planning application very shortly.