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Brand guidelines and logos

Below are the main new logos for you to use (GIF format). If you require other formats please contact Design & Photography.

It is essential that you check whether a logo is appropriate for a certain use. If in doubt please consult the Kew Brand Guidelines

RBG Kew brand guidelines

Kew masterbrand logo

This is most important visual representation of the Kew brand. It is Kew’s leading icon and so operates at the top of the hierarchy.

The ‘Royal Botanic Gardens’ strapline has a fixed relationship with the masterbrand logo. It should never appear alone or combined with any other graphic elements on communication. It will sit with the Kew logo to give greater understanding of the organisation.

Logo Application

Where possible the spot colour version should be used. Full colour variants should always be used on tonally light backgrounds. When the logo appears on tonally dark background or image the white version should be used.

The strapline is a fixed element of the masterbrand logo. Its colour is dictated by the version of the ‘Kew’ element. It is either whiteout or grey (PMS 432). The strapline may only be dropped from the Kew icon if clarity can not be ensured, ie stitching and size. If you encounter a problem, please contact Design & Photography.

  • For all Microsoft office documents and presentations use the GIF.
  • For professional design use (eg graphic design work, publishing and broadcast) an EPS is preferable.
  • The colour logo should always be used on a white background.
  • The white logo is to be used against a coloured background or photograph. If using a photograph, please ensure the background is sufficiently saturated and strong enough for the logo to show up properly.

Kew's Millennium Seed Bank

Logo Application - MSBP

Where possible the 4 colour logo should be used although only on tonally light backgrounds. When the logo appears on tonally dark backgrounds the whiteout version should be used.

Always use EPS files for quality print and display work (eg in Quark, MS Word). If the software does not support the EPS format use TIF files. Use GIF files for fast screen display (eg Powerpoint) and on web pages. Spot colour EPS files are for use in specialised printing processes. Your production company will be able to advise on which file format to supply.

Logo GIFs

To download, right click and select 'Save As'.

Kew Masterbrand Colour

Kew Logo

Kew Masterbrand Black

Kew Logo

Kew Masterbrand White

Kew Logo

MSBP Colour


MSBP Greyscale


MSB Orange



MSBP White